represents public transportation accident victims in California


Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP, based in California, has an exceptional track record of protecting the rights of people who have been injured in or by buses, trains or other public transit systems across the United States. The firm is consistently ranked No. 1 by lawyers' associations, law journals and many professional publications.


Protecting the Rights of Accident Victims

It's bad enough to be injured while riding on a bus, train or some other form of public transportation. A serious accident can affect an accident victim for the rest of his or her life.

But the personal tragedy is made far worse when accident victims are denied the compensation they need to cope with major life changes. The odds against an accident victim getting sufficient compensation without professional help are poor. Transport authorities, airlines and other private transportation providers have huge resources at their disposal to buy the best possible legal representation.

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Whether they've suffered psychological trauma or a permanent physical handicap, accident victims often have a long, hard road to recovery. The attorneys of Greene Broillet and Wheeler LLP provide each client with aggressive representation to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Big settlements for public transportation accident victims

Awards and Honors
  • No. 1 personal injury law firm in California - Best Lawyers in America
  • "One of the top plaintiff's law firms in America" - National Law Journal
  • Partners Browne Greene and Bruce A. Broillet were included in the 2009 Super Lawyers list, "Top 10 Lawyers in Southern California"
  • Attorney Christine D. Spagnoli was included in the Super Lawyers "Top 50 Woman Attorneys list"

... and many more

Greene Broillet & Wheeler represents victims of transportation accidents, whether on metropolitan buses, school buses, airplanes or trains.

Many of these cases have resulted in substantial compensation for the firm's clients, either in court rulings or out-of-court settlements:

Experienced public transportation accident attorneys

Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP's team includes some of the most experienced and highly respected accident lawyers in California. Although Greene Broillet & Wheeler represent clients injured in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California and the entire state, their advice is sought by lawyers and personal injury victims across the United States.

The firm's lawyers have been recognized and ranked as top attorneys by many lawyers' associations and renowned law journals:

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