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Michigan State University located in East Lansing, three miles east of the capitol in Lansing is an internationally acclaimed university in the United States with a conglomeration of local students as well as students from various parts of the globe. The university is dedicated towards imparting quality education and all-round development of its students. This university has set a benchmark among the American universities in the field of extraordinary teaching, research work, constant progress in the academic performance and changing lives of the students for over more than 150 years. The Michigan state university has got the prestigious membership of the association of American universities. It is also a member of the national association of state universities and land grant colleges besides being a part of the ten athletic conferences. It has several other accreditation for its individual programs, schools and colleges, the details of which are given in the universities official website .the university campus is spread over an area of 5,200 acres with 2000 acres in planned or existing development,660 buildings including 85 buildings with space which is instructional.


The university was founded on February 12th, 1855 with the name Agricultural College of the State of Michigan. The universities name was changed various times. In the year 1861 it was known as the state agricultural college, in 1909 the name was Michigan agricultural college, in 1925 the name changed to Michigan state college of agriculture and applied sciences, further in the year 1955 the name changed to Michigan State University of Agriculture and Applied Science and finally in the year 1964 it came to be known as Michigan State University. This university right from its inception has been governed by three governing bodies. In the year 1855 i.e. the year of its foundation it was governed by the State Board of Education, then in the year 1959 the board of trustees took over the responsibility and ultimately in the year 1961 the State Board of Agriculture became the governing body.


The various achievements made by the faculty and students of the Michigan state university makes it one of the most sought after universities in the United States. The expansion of the school was recognized when the proposal for transforming the MSU School of music to the MSU College of music was accepted by the board of trustees giving it the reputation of the sixteenth degree granting college of the university. Under the presidentship of Lou Anna K.Simon the formation of the new MSU technologies office has been announced.MSU compared to the other universities of the nation has the 9th highest alumni overseas volunteers. The university has now started a master’s degree program enabling students to undertake serious game designing as a career option. The university also offers short programs in Bio Economy, Bio Refinery, education on social and personal responsibility etc.

Rankings and Awards

The U.S. news and world report has for ten consecutive years ranked the elementary and secondary education graduate programs as the no. 1 programs. It has several other awards in its kitty like,it has three on campus medical schools which is unique in the whole nation, it ranks among the three largest study abroad programs, it has a vast library i.e. one of its own kind among the best universities, when it comes to African studies it has the largest faculty, a magazine the foodservice director in its annual performance report for 2004 ranked it to be the best in the food service operations. The Michigan state university has the exclusive rights to use the Dynamic Distributed Decision-making Simulation” (DDD) of the U.S. Department of Defense for the purpose of research work and teaching.MSU incurs heavy expenditure on the research work which approximately amounted to $351 million in the year 2004-2005.the national superconducting cyclotron a world class atom smasher adds a feather to its cap.

Faculty and Achievements

The Michigan state university has a group of renowned and internationally acclaimed faculty who have brought many laureals to the university like professor James Tiedje a distinguished professor of crop and soil sciences, Yong Zhao a well known professor and director of the US-China Center for Research on Educational Excellence, Douglas Schemske a professor of plant biology, Mercouri Kanatzidis a professor of chemistry and Bruce R. Harte the professor and director of the School of Packaging. Professor hashsham from the center of microbial ecology is working on a project to invent a portable device to measure pathogens. The university has also been given grants by the W.K. Kellogg foundation to focus on problems like malnutrition and fitness among children. The Michigan department of environmental quality has awarded the national superconducting cyclotron laboratory of the university with the clean corporate citizen award, the first of its kind for complying with the environment friendly policies.


The university has an excellent network of alumni all across the globe. Some of them are:

Spencer Abraham - the former U.S. secretary of energy.

James Blanchard - governor of Michigan (1983-1991) and U.S. ambassador to Canada (1993-1996)

Eli Broad - chairman of SunAmerica Inc. and founder of the Broad Foundation.

Michael Budman - co-founder and president of Roots.

Clark Bunting - president of Discovery Networks Productions.

John Engler - governor of Michigan (1991-2003).

Clare Fischer - won Grammy awards for "Salsa Picante plus 2 + 2" and "Free Fall."

Donna Hrinak - the U.S. ambassador to Brazil.

Kay Koplovitz - founded the USA Network.

Bill Mechanic - one of Hollywood’s most successful film producers

R. Drayton McLane Jr. - vice chairman and director of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Debbie Stabenow - the first woman elected to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate. etc.


At the end, we can conclude that MSU (Michigan State University) is the perfect destination for all those students who want to pursue a career with a difference in a world class environment that focuses on the multi dimensional development of its students. For further details you can visit the official website of the university i.e.


In order to retrieve information of any type you can always contact through the university website using this link: or you can also contact the university campus operators who are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the phone no. 517-355-1855.





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