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Possibilities seem endless on the worldwide web: you can find any information you are looking for, you can do your shopping online, and you can make friends from anywhere in the world. What most if not all Internet users prefer is to fashion their own private corner of the worldwide web. We want our personal internet space to look a certain way and we want to invite all our friends to join us there and chat no matter how far they are. This and much more is what a websites like has to offer. A virtual space where you can join your friends no matter how far away you are from each other, the possibility of sending and receiving messages instantly but also advice on how to manage your personal finance or the possibility to shop online. And even more importantly, offers to protect your Internet personal space from intruders.

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The main page has a very attractive design and offers a wide variety of information. At the top of the page there is a horizontal bar listing all of the services, starting, of course, with MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, My MSN and the MSN Directory. Other categories listed on the main page include dating, horoscopes, entertainment, games, movies, music but also news, travel, careers or computing and tech; a variety of subjects where anyone can find at least one point of interest. The lower part of the main page features social and political news, financial news, sports news, entertainment news, weather forecasts for any town or city in the world and many more. At the bottom of the main page there is a list of additional MSN services. The advertisements for the latest products are playfully hidden behind the first “layer” of the main page with childish creativity.


The categories listed at the top of the main page lead to complex pages of their own, each complete with news and a generous list of subcategories. For instance, the Computing & Tech page features news about the latest digital gadgets and has a list of subcategories that features tips, games and shopping but also reviews and office. Other categories, like the shopping category, offer the option of consulting the” gift centre” where will help you find the perfect gift by price, by product, by recipient and so on. Each category is treated differently, according to its specific characteristics. The special MSN services like My MSN offer the opportunity to customize your personal space on by choosing themes, colors and even the type of news you want to receive on your page. is a website with an interesting and playful design that also offers quick and easy access to the information presented on its pages. What separates it from other websites of this nature is the great quantity of information that it provides on numerous different subjects and also the quality of the structure used to categorize those subjects.



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