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Personalized Medical Weight Loss Plans

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The Center for Medical Weight Loss or offers weight loss programs that suit their clients' individual needs. After a thorough examination, physicians at the Center for Medical Weight Loss can recommend an Accelerated or Accelerated Plus plan, which includes calorie-controlled diet as well as vitamin regulation under the supervision of your physician; an LCD (Low Calorie Diet) plan; and plans that include appetite suppressants and/or natural metabolism enhancers.

Medical Weight Loss Programs - Effectiveness

According to the Center for Medial Weight Loss, the key to the effectiveness of their plans is personalized approach to each of their clients. One-on-one visits with the physicians are an integral part of most weight loss plans. This also ensures that you achieve your weight loss in a safe and risk-free manner. The Center for Medical Weight Loss claims a 99% success rate for their weight loss plans.

How to locate a center

The Center for Medical Weight Loss has clinics throughout the United States. You can simply enter your zip code or address on this page and find the closest centers.


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