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Welcome to Lyran Tal!


Lyran Tal is a world of free-form role play where the tales of mages and blades, adventure and fantasy, play out through interactive fiction. Writers and players create stories and characters, and in the process help shape an entire world. Part creative writing, part online improvisational theater, our stories and scenes are shared on our message board, our chat room, and even through emails and instant messaging.'




What is Free Form Role Play?

Roleplaying, in general, is when a gamer sets aside their own identity and plays out the actions, thoughts, and dialogue of a fictional character. There are many games available on the market which make use of this concept, but all of these use fairly detailed rules and some form of random chance (dice, cards, or simply the game master's whim) to decide the character's attributes, abilities, knowledge, combat outcomes, etc.

Free form roleplaying takes this a step beyond. In FFRP, the player has complete control over the character they portray. There are no dice, no random elements other than characters' actions. No one can force actions on someone else's character. It's essentially text-based improvisational acting and cooperative writing.

The key element that keeps FFRP from becoming a free-for-all amongst ultra-powerful characters is RESPECT. Foremost, respect for other players; and equally important, respect for the setting in which the character is played. Disrespectful gamers usually find themselves ignored.

Where Can I Play?

In Lyran Tal, FFRPing can occur in chat or conference rooms. Lyran Tal's chat room, Crosswinds Tavern, is available through AOL or through AOL Instant Messaging (AIM). You need to already have AIM and be logged in before you can access the chat. Every AOL subscriber has an account; if you're not a subscriber, you can sign up for a free screen name that you can use with the AIM software.

For directions on using other chat clients (Trillian, GAIM/Pidgin/iChat), please refer to our Live Roleplay page.

Our forum is considered an 'advanced' roleplaying setting; we expect players to 'support the illusion' by staying In Character/> (IC) at all times in the chat rooms. Any Out-of-Character (OOC) chat or references MUST be kept to IMs and e-mails, NEVER in the chat rooms.


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