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Lucille Roberts is truly living the American dream. Her dramatic life story—with its roots on Ellis Island—is fulfilled with the rebirth of Lucille Roberts as a captain in the $5 billion health and fitness industry.

As a child, Roberts and her family adopted the United States as their homeland after fleeing Russia. Adhering to the strong work and family values her immigrant family impressed upon her, Roberts has triumphed in both her personal and professional life.

Founder and Director of one of the largest women's health club chains, Lucille Roberts has succeeded in turning her passion for fitness and nutrition into a multi-million dollar empire serving hundreds of thousands of women daily.

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Lucille Roberts has truly lived the American Dream. As a child, she immigrated to the United States from Russia, and she claims that she has always held the hardworking values of her parents close to her heart. Her chain of women’s gyms has been growing strong since the 1970’s, and Roberts has become a fitness “guru”, authoring two books on women’s fitness. Lucille Roberts gyms can be found in the Northeast, and centralized around New York’s five boroughs, with locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Long Island as well. According to the company website, Roberts has plans to expand the chain even further. Given the drive and dedication she brings to everything else she does, it’s easy to imagine Lucille Roberts clubs nationwide.

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REVIEW OF Lucille Roberts

Lucille Roberts clubs are open to women only, to give them a place to exercise “without feeling self-conscious about their bodies”, as many women do at other gyms. The clubs have a full range of cardio and strength training equipment, but the real focus is on the classes. While many other gyms tend to market themselves toward fitness enthusiasts, Lucille Roberts appeals to women who would like to lose weight but aren’t sure where to start. The classes at her gym are fairly basic aerobics classes that shy away from complicated choreography. There are one or two “trendy” classes, such as Island Rhythm and Salsa Aerobics, but in general they are fairly straightforward classes aimed at beginners. Like other gyms, Lucille Roberts also has personal trainers on staff to help guide individuals through their workout. Of course, working with a personal trainer requires an additional fee. However, this club is slightly different from some other clubs in that it offers some nutritional counseling and has supplements available for purchase.

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