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London Petroleum Gas Co Ltd, incorporating Sovereign Classics has become one of the UK's premier LP gas installers and has been featured in a number of high profile magazines including Jaguar Monthly, Jaguar World, Jaguar Enthusiast and Jaguar Drivers' Club and has worked on a number of rare and famous vehicles. We have been able to convert these in a discreet and sympathetic manner so as not to compromise the aesthetics. This is due to the fact that for 11 years Sovereign Classics was a Jaguar restoration and modification company. Through our union with London Petroleum Gas Co we are able to accommodate the needs of the high mileage modern car user dealing with all other makes including BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Vauxhall and Ford and by using only the best products available in the form of the Tartarini kit, which has Rolls Royce approval, is original fit equipment on Ford and as recommended by Rover and has been used to convert millions of vehicles worldwide and is recognised as the market leader, with some high profile users in the UK being the Royal household, government/ministerial fleet cars, local authorities and police forces nationwide and the support service sector such as UPS and Securicor. Because we have followed in these footsteps and with our commitment to quality we have gained a reputation in the industry for high quality work at a fair price and was one of the first conversion companies offering a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty for added peace of mind. All work is insurance recognised and in an industry that has seen a lot of newcomers if you come to sell your vehicle our conversion can only add to its resale. To see just how good an LP gas conversion can be why not book a test drive in one of our demonstrator vehicles.


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