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About is an online dating service which connects women from Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe with men from US, Canada and Western Europe, who wish to establish friendship, long-term relationship or marriage with their overseas counterparts.


Russian Dating is not always perceived as a transparent and credible online dating niche. At LoversPlanet we carry out ongoing work to build credibility and reputation for our company. Our credibility may be illustrated by some of the characteristics below.

Mission statement and objectives

Our objective is to provide a valuable and efficient service to help you get in contact with your future partner. With you can find your perfect match in those parts of the world where it has not been possible before. Location is vitally important in dating. As Internet still has a long way to grow we have to take advantage of new opportunities, new cultures and new ways to date and meet other people. LoversPlanet can provide you with all the required tools and infrastructure to make this possible. Our key objective is to be the largest and most credible Russian dating website that delivers value to every member.

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