Lotus.ae is Art Educational Institute in Dubai

Art Institute Dubai-Painting And Drawing Course-Interior Design Course

Lotus Educational InstituteFZ-LLC is a leading Art Institute in Dubai offering high quality specialist education in art, design, media and the creative industries. We offer painting and drawing course, interior design course, photography courses and Photoshop course in Dubai UAE

Nowadays, in the beginning of the 21st century, more than any time before, Man feels and believes the importance of knowledge.

The knowledge, that is able to guide him the way that he can live in a good health, peace of mind and spiritual awareness.

The knowledge and profession, that is useful for helping him to reach to self-discovery and self-development.

The knowledge that does not consider any difference between races, colours, religions, even place or time of learning.

Accordingly, Lotus believes in using an unique and different method of integrated traditional and non-traditional systems of training, based on one by one needs, in parallel of international standards.

By offering strong and knowledgeable training and development programmes, our goals in the concept of learning and education are achievable.

Lotus Educational Institute, seeks to assist you to gain the best out of your life.

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