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Loore.com Lateral Omni Operational Research Engine is a "smart" meta & compiling search engine — every time you type in a query Loore simultaneously searches a variety of engines, directories, and deep content sites, properly formats the words and syntax for each, compiles their results in a virtual database, eliminates duplicates, and displays them in a uniform manner according to relevance. It's like using multiple search engines, all at the same time.

Established in 2003 as a project by CliqVentures a division of LeadGalore, Inc. Loore.com took part in pioneering the meta search and compiled search to the Internet as one of the first of its kind. Due to its quality results, and the benefits of metasearch, Loore continues to grow rapidly through word of mouth, and is quickly becoming into an established search engine on the Internet. Loore's ability to gather the best search results available from top search sources enables it to perform research tasks that normally would be time consuming and inconvenient to our users.




Leadgalore, Inc.
New York New York
United States 10005
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