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Linux Users Group ( LUG, in turkish LKD ) was established in 1995 during the '1st Internet Conference' by Linux Cummunity as an informal association. Linux community started in 1992 at Universities and mailing lists was established to cummunicate within the community. İn 1995, community got together for the first time in person, confirmed a desire to work together in a virtual association to support Linux and the free software philosophy. Since 1995 up to the half part of 2000 Turkish free software voluntaries under the name of 'Turkish Linux Users Group' had been trying to promote this philosophy, the softwares of its productions and encourage to use them and softwares to be developed in this model.

Informal 'Turkish Linux Users' become a chartered association in May 2000, realized their first general committee meeting in November 2001 under the name 'Linux Users Association'.

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