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As the name shows, is all about scores of all the matches of many sports happenings in the world. The website has four main sections.
  • Soccer
  • World Cup
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket

You can get scores of the latest match happenings all around the world on this website. You can find the scores very easily as you can find them either by country or by the name of the event of which you want to see the scores. You can also have a look at the scores of different pools in an event e.g. pool C in world cup. - Soccer

In this section you can find the scores of all the latest matches of soccer on a single page. You can search by event or by country as there is a long list of events and countries on the left hand side of the page. World Cup

This section of is specially made for the world cup scores. You can search scores of teams, pools or matches and get them right on to your monitor screen. You also get the details like which player scored goals, which player got red/yellow cards etc. You can have a look at past results of matches. Future schedules of matches can also be viewed in this section. - Ice Hockey

This section is dedicated to ice hockey. As in the other sections, you can find scores of latest happenings in ice hockey all around the world with just a few clicks. You can search by all latest or all live matches as there are options available on left hand side of the page. You look at the past results and future schedules of matches. Last but not the least, you can also find the scores by clicking on the specific country name from a long list of country names available at left hand side of the page. - Tennis

In this section, as all other sections, you can find the latest and live scores. You can have a look at past scores. You can also find the future's schedules of matches. - WAP

A sub domain is also available for WAP users. In this way you can never miss scores of your favorite matches as you can get them directly on your cell phone with just a few clicks.

How can afford to remain free?

On most of the pages of you'll find advertises and banner ads by sponsors. generates its revenues from these ads to cover the cost of maintaining the website and providing you the scores live and free of cost.




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