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A pioneer monastic community for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, contemplative prayer, and service to community. A house of prayer for ALL PEOPLE; an Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Christian community. Serving Our Eucharistic Lord Jesus Christ The Eucharist is the gift of Christ's love - a fire in a world that has become cold and indifferent. It is like a magnet. The Lord draws us to Himself and gently transforms us. Our monastic community is dedicated in every way to our Eucharistic Jesus. He is the center of our life from which all else flows. He is our inspiration and cause of our spirituality. The Eucharistic Sacrifice of Calvary, the Liturgy of the Hours: Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer, Sharing in the Word of God; The Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc... all give form to our mission of prayer. But all of this in His sacred presence as we gaze upon His Holy Presence in Adoration. This rhythmical pattern of living creates the contemplative context in our lives. Our contemplation does not make us cloistered. Our life is modeled after the Holy Family at Nazareth and the writings of Venerable Father Charles de Foucauld. Our life is simple and totally trusting in His Divine Mercy that flows like a river from His Eucharistic Heart. We become the very feet and hands of Our Eucharistic Lord and Saviour. We are His instruments to serve as He bids. We are Pioneers in a new frontier amidst those who no longer believe in the truth. Truth has become false and falsehood has become truth. What was true for our Fathers remains true for us. Faith is still faith and truth is still truth. JESUS CHRIST, the same yesterday, today and forever!


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