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Men's gifts - some of the best

Men's gifts that will be appreciated for more than a year or two are not easy to find. Discerning men will find some of the best briefcases, cufflinks, leather portfolios, horn combs, pocket squares and ties at our store. And those wishing to buy gifts for men will similarly find a tasteful range of products from which to choose gifts that are bound to please.

Luxury ties is a specialty of our store. Our ties are handmade in Naples and Calabria. Wool ties, cashmere ties, grenadine ties, jacquard ties and regimental ties can be found among our tie offering.

Wool ties

Wool ties are best suited for casual wear. The southern Italian way of making wool ties is to create them lightly lined or unlined. Since wool is a substantial fabric, more so than cotton and silk, a lightly lined or unlined wool tie can be tied to produce a reasonably sized knot, instead of the bulky knot you normally get with a fully lined wool tie. Additionally, a lightly lined or unlined tie will hang in a relaxed way.


Cashmere ties

Cashmere mere ties are the height of luxury. They look and feel special. Cashmere ties come into their own in autumn and winter. And, like woolen ties, they are best worn casually. If you prefer you can opt for a blend of wool and cashmere, which will pill slightly less over time than a pure cashmere tie.

Grenadine ties

A grenadine tie is loosely woven. There are two main types of grenadine ties. Fine weave and large weave grenadines. Fine weave grenadines may be worn formally, while large weave grenadine ties are more informal. A navy grenadine tie and a black grenadine tie should be staples in the wardrobe of every tie wearing man.


Briefcases for men

Our briefcases for men are handmade in Scotland from bridle leather. More about bridle leather and why it is such a special material for the best briefcases and leather porfolios can be read about here. A briefcase made from bridle leather can last a lifetime owing to the properties of the leather. The leather is cured through a process called pit tanning, using vegetable extracts. After the leather has been pit tanned, it is finished with waxes and tallow. This finishing process makes the leather supple and durable. Indeed, bridle leather was originally used for the bridle of a horse. For this purpose the leather had to withstand strong forces and a range of weather conditions. The characteristics of strength and suppleness mean that a briefcase or leather portfolio made from bridle leather will have longevity.

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Enamel Cufflinks

Enamel cufflinks that are tasteful are few and far between nowadays. We offer enamel cufflinks that are suitable as gifts for the well dressed man that you are unlikely to see anyone else wearing. At our blog we trace the origins of cufflinks and tell you how to choose your cufflinks and the names of some of the best makers today.


Pocket squares

Pocket squares are beginning to see a resurgence, and they make an affordable gift for a boyfriend or dad. Ours are hand rolled and hand sewn. They are made in France and Italy. Our Simonnot-Godard pocket squares are made by a family-owned business in France that goes back to the seventeenth century. We carry a range of fine linen pocket squares. At our blog we summarise how linen is made and describe the extraordinary properties of this quintessential summer fabric.


Genuine ox horn combs

A horn comb makes an inexpensive, yet refined, gift for a man or a woman. We describe here why a horn comb is special and its advantages over a plastic comb. A horn comb is made of the same long chain protein, keratin as hair. This makes it particularly compatible with hair in a way that a plastic comb is not. A horn comb is a beautiful object in itself to look at and will be appreciated as a distinctive gift.


All of the products above are not made in large quantities. They are made by hand and they are difficult to find. These characteristics distinguish the products at Linkson Jack.

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