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Advance Supplements International’s mission is to serve the higher purpose of helping people through creating products that help them live healthier lives. We are proud to offer the Liqua Fit System. The Liqua Fit System are dietary supplements designed to improve metabolism, increase energy and reduce appetite. The products were developed by scientists and blended with pharmaceutical herbal extracts to assure uniform amounts of the active constituents. Aside from the benefits of powerful ingredients, the products are in liquid form, providing quicker absorption and providing better dosage control as opposed to a capsule or a tablet.

Our newest and most advanced product is the Ephedra Free Exercise Drops. This formula provides a dramatic increase in appetite control, a longer lasting feeling of fullness, an increase in fat burning and improved energy production. The Ephedra Free Exercise Drops is also a perfect supplement for those not looking to lose weight, but just want to be able to keep up with their busy lifestyle.

The Slim Drops unique blend of ingredients significantly reduces cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. When we eat, especially meals that contain large amounts of carbohydrates, our bodies react by releasing insulin that is necessary to keep our blood sugar balanced. Insulin is often referred to as the storage hormone. As important as insulin is, an overabundance of this hormone can lead to weight gain. Reduced consumption of carbohydrates leads to reduced opportunities for fat storage.

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