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Leon the Milkman is working to change the negative view of the dairy industry, one post at a time. His blog is filled with information about the industry, shared by someone with a unique background of knowledge -- he holds a B.Sc degree, majoring in Food Science and Chemistry and has worked as a technician in the dairy research field. The blog is written with a passion that comes through even as he's detailing ideas and information in a way accessible to everyone. Information on the website includes dairy news, cheese, milk, recipes, yoghurt, dairy farming, cows, raw milk, milk paint, dairy science, international dairy, goat milk, dairy diet, dairy related artwork, and ice cream.

He also writes a dairy dictionary which is available free to registered members at Dairy-Info.org.

Leon the Milkman in the news

Blogs are entering the mainstream in such a big way that even a milkman from South Africa has one - and he is using it to spread the good word about dairy

Cape Town, South Africa (PRWeb) March 24, 2006 -- To counter the negative posts on dairy we see all over the Internet and supply the consumer as well as the dairy industry at large with info - from the perspective of a dairy scientist - Leon the Milkman has put up a blog.

The blog is of course dairy-related and discusses everything from cheese to dairy science calculations and processes.

The idea is to transfer knowledge in a way that is accessible to dairy workers and to the consumer. To get off to a good start Leon is offering a free downloadable dairy dictionary to all that register as a milkfan on either www.dairy-info.org or www.LeontheMilkman.com.

Leon the Milkman says that he find it quite easy to get new issues to discuss on his blog - he just writes about everything that happens during his workday.

He finds blogs to be the easiest way to get his ideas on the Internet and also likes that he can easily change the template and look of his site, using the WordPress Blog format. This comes in handy with changing seasons or wanting to change the blog's look for a special holiday, like making everything green for St. Patrick's Day.

Plugins also abound for blogs and make it easy to add pictures, audio, and other special features to your blog.

Leon finds blogs to be a great way to do generic dairy marketing and says he will welcome input from the dairy industry in this regard. Dairy processors and dairy farmers are welcome to visit Leon the Milkman's blog and post comments or to contact Leon as this is one of his passions - spreading the good word on dairy.

The dairy industry can feel free to refer consumers to the blog as it has a search function that will answer a lot of common consumer questions on cheese and everything dairy-related.

Well all said and done - Leon the Milkman is happy - and that is all that matters.

"I find it so easy to just sit back at the end of a day and writing something short for the blog - it even helps to get perspective - much like writing in a journal would." Leon philosophizes, milk in hand.

Yes, he blogs in the evening, because mornings are for fresh milk deliveries of course.

Leon the Milkman is conquering the dairy niche with a dairy dictionary

(PRWeb) April 10, 2006 -- Leon the Milkman of www.LeonTheMilkman.com is a true innovator in the dairy industry. He is proving this again by bringing out a dairy dictionary. Yes, you read that right!

He says that people keep on asking him the same questions. Answering all the questions almost made him late in delivering the milk early mornings. This milkman from South Africa is serious about his job.

Thus he decided to put together a glossary of dairy and related food terms that amount to twenty three pages. The document is available in PDF format from www.Dairy-Info.org for registered members. Registration is free.

Both of the above mentioned sites spread the good word about dairy and Leon the Milkman is intent on giving objective information to consumers and to dairy industry workers.

Leon says that he is not happy with all the negative publicity the dairy industry and milk is getting lately. He says that he is available to do talks, but is not interested in talking to argumentative people who have no intent to listen to another person’s point of view, especially so when facts are presented to back up valid claims. Although it is to be sure that research is not the end-all and there is biased research out there we must certainly be able to see both sides before making judgment.

On the dairy dictionary the milkman says that he thinks there will shortly be a huge trend towards niche dictionaries and that people that get into this market now will prosper.

A certain amount of credibility comes from producing a quality product that is practical to use in everyday business.

There is so much info going round, but branded niche dictionaries are up to now an unmined marketing technique. As technology grows and people learn new things everyday, a dictionary is a very fast and efficient way of absorbing and conveying a huge amount of information on a topic. This method of learning fits in well with the speed of modern living and enables anybody to quickly gather a load of information. Applying this thinking to a niche will leverage the concept even more.

With niches being so specific and being split up even more every day the scope for this idea is huge.

Leon says that he will update the dictionary from time to time and is thinking of adding pictures as well, but for now he hopes to get the dictionary on as many computers as possible. The dictionary is compact enough to print and keep as a reference as well. He also wants users of the dictionary to suggest words and terms for the next updated issues. By distributing the dictionary to the primary and secondary dairy industry he hopes to make it as complete as possible, using their feedback. Consumers are also more than welcome to contact Leon with suggestions by registering with www.Dairy-Info.org.

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