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Hood River Lavender Farm is a Certified Organic farm located midpoint in the Hood River Valley of Oregon. Our 2.5 acre wholesale farm resides on the southern slope of the western part of the valley directly above the rushing Hood River. The entire farm is covered with landscape fabric which allows us to grow lavender free from weeds and competitive plants. Under this porous black fabric the ground absorbs the sun’s heat, helping to keep the lavenders’ roots warm and creating a clean warm heat for the plant. We have no need for herbicides or pesticides and use only natural bone meal and organic kelp for fertilizer. The result is a beautiful lavender field free from chemicals of any kind, plants with a high oil concentration, and a strikingly clean landscape that invites one to view and stroll through its beauty.

We have now opened our 2nd farm, an Oregon Tourist Attraction, in the upper valley of Hood River. This farm is our Certified Organic U-Pick farm open just for the public for drop-in tours, U-Pick, and also a facility to purchase our products. In addition to the lavender, this farm has spectacular views of the Hood River Valley with Mt. Adams facing North, and a marvelous view of Mt. Hood facing South. We are very excited about this farm and location, and are proud to provide a gorgeous location for the overwhelming requests we have had for tours, U-Picks, and the opportunity to relax, sip some tea and enjoy the aroma and views.

We now grow over 60 varieties of Lavender, 14) Lavandins and 42) Lavender angustifolia, as well as Spanish, and some Latifolia. Lavandin (intermedia) cultivars are sterile hybrids between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. They produce a wealth of flowers on large stalks, and the flowers are useful for fragrant crafts, fresh or dried flowers, and oil production. The angustifolia, (often times referred to as English Lavender) are the hardiest and most fragrant of all the lavender cultivars. They flower earlier than Lavandins and are extremely fragrant. They are useful for culinary purposes, fresh or dried flowers, fragrant products, and their oil is of the highest quality which is in demand by aromatherapy and the perfume industry.

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