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LaughingMeme is the personal site of Kellan Elliott-McCrea. Started in April 2002, without a song and without particular agenda in mind nor intent beyond filling a bit-o-time with the 'Written Word', but with many prayers. The site is neither thematic, nor theological, nor is it noticeably well-edited. While I identify originally as a Californian, the past few years have me living in Boston, San Francisco, Providence, and Santa Cruz, 'and then', ...only god knows. Currently, I've elatedly aligned myself with a brilliant, and, I must add, ..."beautifully-adorned salciously-equipped Siren of a partner, that one could only possibly, ...whew!... Hot Stuff!...even hope to rave with!", ...located in Jamaica Plain, Maryland (more later, dudes).

A self-confessed WebGeek, Hacker, and evangelist, posting on the site tends to explore my long running obsessions with the web at large, syndication, and calendaring, as well as exploring and enjoying dual addictions to good coffee, and better books (both hard to find these days....I guess 'cause there're so few left). (WhazzDatSoopozed2Mean?) on...

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