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"Clearly the masterwork of a fanatic (in this case, some dude named Marek Wojtera), here where you can learn about clubs like Cibona Zagreb of Croatia and BC Kalev of Estonia, all on a page with links galore. There is a search engine for Americans and Canadians playing in Europe (and conversely, for Europeans overseas), even an Agents Page (where, if you're a player, you can attempt getting into a Jerry Maguire scenario), along with the usual collections of scores and stats. The way navigation is built into the site is pretty nice, though unfortunately there is no audio or video. The entire site covers both Eastern and Western Europe, and appears so diligently maintained you can only marvel at such fandom."

"Sure, the NBA has started canceling games, but who misses Michael Jordan and the Bulls when there's Dejan Bodiroga and Panathinaikos Athens to root for? If those names don't ring a bell (and unless you're an NBA general manager, they shouldn't), then it's to check out this site, which keeps tabs on the pro competition in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Within click, you can learn about the leading scorers in Malta, the tough rebounders in Luxembourg and the best foreigners ever to compete in the IBA (Israel Basketball Association). There are also links to teams and leagues in other parts of the globe, as well as an "Agent's Page", which aspiring Jerry Maguires can to locate potential clients competing abroad."

"Eurobasket ...Best web site in the world for basketball related information. The site covers a huge number of countries with its unique network of worldwide correspondents. The sole problem: the site is only in English".

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