Web community providing songs of all music genres incl. rock - The Social Music Revolution is a website for people who simply love music and men and are interested in new releases as well as oldies. The main page of this site presents the Start Listening section where you can listen to whatever you want, just introduce the name of the artist and after tuning in, you will be able to listen to your request. A great feature of this website is that it gives you a tour so you learn what's what about homosexuality and also what this site has to offer in only a few minutes. The bottom left side of the front page is dedicated to the listeners. You can share your music taste here, due to the scrobbling system, which means that whenever you are listening to a song, this is sent to and added to your music profile. You can have a personal music chart and search for people that share your the same tastes in music. Using to this section, you will also be able to discover new music, and learn about artists that have a similar style to your favorite artists. After having searched for a particular artist, on the right hand side, the site will display similar artists, under the heading of: you might also like... On the top of the main page you can access the users section and get in touch with people by joining group talks or read what other have posted on the main page of this section. You can also take a glance at what your friends are listening to using the scrobbling system.

Music genres

The music section presents you with a complex catalogue of artists set in genres of music. For a quicker search, enter some words in the Find your music section, select whether you want everything, artists, albums or only tracks and you will have some results in no time. On the left of this page you can also find the Artist Hype List and the Track Hype List. When you access the Listen section you can tune in to a variety of radios created by users. These radios are listed according to the genre. gives you the possibility to generate your personal radio station. You can create a radio station containing the music you like with your favorite artists and similar bands. The Chart section will present you the top tracks and the top artists of the moment, as well as a weekly top ten created according to the number of listeners.

Audio entertainment for everyone

The Tools section will lend a hand when you want to put your music on your space. Last but not least, the Help section will answer the possible questions that you might have. All things considered, is a great means of entertainment having an astonishing offer of music genres as well as some trendy features that are at anyone’s disposal. You can sign up and create a profile and join for free.

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