PYRO-FX - The Pyrotechnic Special Effects Company


PYRO-FX formally Lasertronics, specializes in Pyrotechnic & Gas Special Effects & Fireworks displays, Laser Light Shows, Holographic Projections and Aircraft Stunts for Stage, Stunts, Film & TV, Airshows, Corporate & Private Functions, Product & Building Launches.

With 21 years hands on experience with Pyrotechnic Effects and Lasers we are the oldest, most experienced and technologically advanced Special Effects company in Southern Africa.

PYRO-FX is one of the few company's in the world that can produce Holographic Projections and specializes in complete productions incorporating Laser, Lighting, Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Special Effects. We are also currently the only company in South Africa approved by the SAPS Department of Explosives to produce large public Special Effects displays such as Simulated Aircraft Bombing runs and Demolitions etc.

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