Behind Clinton Plaza is quite a large covered car park and in that area there is a restaurant and I gather, a short time hotel. It's an odd place for a car park and I wonder if they have plans top develop it into something else - perhaps an extension of Clinton Plaza? One problem that Clinton Plaza used to have is that when it rained heavily, the area around the the beer bars and the gogo bar entrances flood quite badly - at least six inches deep and this is more than enough to keep customers out when it rains - there are plans to landscape the area and correct this problem. Another problem is that Clinton Plaza is virtually on the main Sukumvit Road, one of Bangkok's busiest roads, and this means that the naughty nightlife is often in the face of those folks who would really prefer not to see it. Sure, Cowboy and Nana are also just off Sukumvit, but they are reach tucked sufficiently away from the main thoroughfare. Many folks have mooted that this is a reason why Clinton Plaza can never last.

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