is the Lexington, NE AM radio station, w/news & weather.


KRVN 880 Rural Radio - Welcome to KRVN


The construction of a farmer-rancher owned radio station in Nebraska was triggered by several events that took place in 1947 and 1948. First, Nebraska farmers learned of a farm organization in Ohio that was creating a farm radio station, a new and startling idea at that time.

Secondly, Nebraska suffered one of its worst blizzards ever in 1948. Radio coverage in the western part of the state was insufficient and weather information provided by existing stations was inaccurate. Forecasts were still warning of the possibility of snow at the height of the blizzard. Many people and thousands of animals perished as a result. Had adequate information been available, farmers and ranchers could have braced themselves for the storm and made arrangements for their livestock...


Lexington NE
United States 68850

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