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Korean Drama Group 한국 무 리


A fun place for Korean Drama Fans to gather. Discussion forum with chat for Korean Drama Fans. Based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. Members from all over the world.

Recipient of 1st New York Korean Wave Award for Organization.

Additional Information

This group started on July 28, 2003 as a Yahoo Group. On June 11, 2005 the core group moved to a web based Forum. On March 25, 2006 the domain "koreandramas.net" was purchased.

While a majority of the members are from the New York/Philadelphia area, there are quite a few members from throughout the US and the World to include Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada, Australia, England and Wales. Most of the members are non-Asian.

The Board features active discussions on a wide variety of non-Drama related issues to include politics, recipes and NASCAR. Off topic discussions are encouraged.

Special Features

Thanks to the technical expertise of their Welsh server God, this Board has evolved way beyond the basic phpBB format into a very user friendly discussion Board with many special features, including:

First Place Logo Winner
Rotating banners and site logos

To maximize space and minimize annoyance, this site features rotating banner ads. Each time a page is loaded 1 new banner ad appears. This allows the Administrators to partner with several companies such as YesAsia.com, AsianDB.com, Amazon.com and Google's Ad Sense without disrupting the user's experience.

This same technique was applied to the site's logos. In May 2006 users submitted their logo creations. Members of the site chose their top 10 favorite logos. Each time a page is loaded, a random logo is selected from a pool of user created logos.

Second Place Logo Winner

Lending Library

Because access to Korean Dramas is severely limited in the Philadelphia Area, about 40 members of this group banded together in December 2004 and formed a Video Lending Library. Members donate K Dramas to the library to be shared. In this way, Library Members are able to view more K Dramas and spread Hallyu (Korean Wave) This also generated more than $3300 worth of sales for YesAsia.com in an 12 month period.

Third Place Logo Winner

Additional Board/Group Features

The Board features an integrated chat. Users can choose to use Java or HTML for the chat.

The Board features an extensive Technical Q & A Forum that covers a wide variety of topics to include adding permanent subtitles, using Nero to burn DVDs and Board basics. Many of the tutorials are picture based.

Twice a year, since October 2005, members have been meeting at a restaurant in the Philadelphia area. These semi-annual get togethers feature good food, games and prizes. Attendance increases with each get together with the most recent one (October 2008) having 69 attendees including representatives from KBS America and the Korean Tourism Organization.


On February 16 & 17, 2007, KBS-America (Korean Broadcasting System) visited homes of members and conducted interviews. On March 3, 2007, KBS-America aired a special called "Wish Relay With People". During this broadcast the taped interviews as well as live interviews of members in Times Square, NY were shown. Clips featuring members of this group may be viewed here [| Watch the interviews Online].

In March 2007 business cards were created by users.

BC Final thumb.JPG
BC Back Final thumb.JPG

On April 21, 2007, this group held their Spring get together. Among the "regular" attendees there were also representatives from the Korean Tourism Organization and Tour2Asia as well as 2 Korean Technicians and a local disc jockey. [| Watch the video here]

On June 28, 2007, this group was awarded the "New York Korean Wave Award" by the New York Hallyu Council as part of the Korea Sparkling celebration. [See pics & read all about it here] [Korea Times article on the Award with English translation] [Chosun Daily Article with English translation] [MKTV News Report with English Translation]

On April 26, 2008, a camera crew from the KBS show, VJ Squad attended this group's 7th Semi-annual get together. Watch the clip that aired in Korea on May 23, 2008 [HERE]

In May 2008, this group moved to their own server with the help of the help of the World's Greatest Geek, Dan.

Korea Sparkling logo


Delaware County, PA, US


M. Theresa Landis

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