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Kontera is a leading provider of in-text advertising solutions for web publishers and advertisers. With over 10,000 publishers in its network, Kontera reaches 75 million users a month and works with thousands of brand and direct marketers.

Founded in 2003 by Yoav Shaham, Assaf Henkin, and Henit Vitos, Kontera is a privately held company backed by Sequoia Capital, Lehman Brothers and Carmel Ventures, with offices in San Francisco, California; New York, New York and Herzliya, Israel.

How In-Text Advertising Works

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In-text advertising is a form of contextual advertising that targets the interests of the individual visiting a website. By scanning a website for keywords it can display ads related to the content of the website. For example, a user viewing a page about interior design will see ads for paint or flooring services.

While many contextual advertisements are scattered on the page or appear as pop-ups, in-text ads show up as hyperlinks within the text of the website. This integrated approach is non-intrusive for the user, and enhances readability of the website. Advertisers are able to use previously unused space and have the added option to incorporate logos and other graphical elements to improve the user's experience with the ad and the site itself.

Greater Relevancy

mett.in What truly sets in-text advertising apart from traditional contextual advertising is its high degree of relevancy. Contextual advertising simply scans the entire website, determines what the site is about, and displays ads that relate to the subject on a very general basis. In-text ads, however, are keyword oriented, which allows an advertiser to target a highly specific interest rather than a broad range.

ContentLink In-Text Advertising

ContentLink is an in-text pay-per-click advertisement service that links to relevant keywords from Kontera's thousands of online publishers. What sets ContentLink apart from other in-text advertising is its ability to analyze websites in real time and continuously adjust the relevancy of its results.

Unlike other in-text advertising systems that require crawling and index building to generate results, ContentLink can link to dynamic sites such as blogs, forums, and user reviews, as well as password-protected sites, form-based content, and cookie authentication.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Better relevancy delivering an improved ROI – Kontera guarantees the highest degree of relevancy between content, keywords and your ads, improving your ROI.
  • More characters than other pay-per-click ad programs – ContentLink gives you more characters for your ad than ANY leading PPC ad program.
  • Advanced auto-optimization & geo-targeting – Kontera’s technology system "learns" your marketing needs, while International Geo-Targeting further improves your relevancy.
  • Cost-per-click accountability – Even when a user mouses-over your keyword link and is exposed to your brand, you only pay when a customer actually clicks on your ad.

Benefits for Publishers

  • Increase incremental revenue – Run ContentLink ads on your website alongside existing ad units & enjoy a new revenue stream.
  • Immediate exposure to Kontera's vast network of advertisers – Your content will be matched with relevant website ads that will best suit its topics.
  • Generate high click-through rates (CTR) – Averaging a 2.5% CTR, ContentLinks work in real-time to optimize and ensure maximization of your ROI.
  • Immediate exposure to Kontera's vast network of advertisers – Your content will be matched with relevant website ads that will best suit its topics.

Kontera Hybrid

mett.inThe Kontera Hybrid allows publishers to show related content, ads, pictures, and videos to users who mouse-over a highlighted keyword. What makes this feature truly shine is its ability to increase user engagement and site interaction because of its added features. Publishers using the Kontera Hybrid have reported a 20% engagement rate and an increase in page views.





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