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In 1966, Knox Foam was formed by a young man with an affluent background in sales and marketing who decided to start a business supplying foam rubber to the do-it-yourself consumer. Like any ambitious entrepreneur, he found a good location, did his up front promotional work, and opened a small retail outlet called Knox Foam in a small building located on Central Ave. in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In the beginning, competition was scarce. The demand and supply of foam rubber in this area was almost non-existent. However, the 70's brought many changes. People began coming up with new ideas that required the use of foam rubber. As time went on, Knox Foam kept growing to meet the demands of its customers.

Now, Knox Foam is better than ever. The internet has allowed us to help people all over the country. We have a very efficient shipping department that allows us to get the products to our customers in very short time.

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