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For over 50 years Klotz has focused on meeting the needs of racers, performance enthusiasts, and consumers that care enough to use the best available products.


Developing products for the motorsport industry is our passion. In fact, Klotz sets the standard for synthetic lubricants in these markets. We make Mastering the Science of Synthetic Lubrication® our first priority. Our engineers apply the newest materials and components, develop original techniques, and employ the most precise integration procedures available today.


Our Estorlin® Technology and TechniPlate® Lubricity Systems™ integrated bonding process with generous amount of phosphorous and zinc makes this chemistry a complete synthetic lubricant; which protects critical engine parts from shearing and power-robbing friction. Quality synthetics combined with our authentic in house manufacturing process creates a thermally dynamic lubricant that is also extremely stable at higher RPM ranges.

The tradition of race-testing Klotz products continues to this day. In fact, by the time a Klotz product reaches your engine, it spends many grueling hours on the dyno and countless laps on the race track. Our innovative facility enables us to produce and test the highest quality products that are extremely reliable. Strong performance and reliable protection are as important to us as they are to you.


Millions of racers around the world have relied on Klotz for winning performance. We maintain our reputation by continuing to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the motorsports industry for Automotive, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Marine, SkiCraft®, Kart, and RC Scale Model markets. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most reliable products to protect your good times, on and off the track.

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Klotz has been manufacturing synthetic lubricants for racing since 1959. They also manufacture racing gasoline, power additives, and other products for high performance applications.


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Official Website: www.KlotzLube.com

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