HYPERFORMANCE..The King of Cubes!


andy Torgeson aka: “the King of Cubes”, was building big twins three decades ago as an apprentice with Doc Dytch and later, Shorty Axtell, the legendary pioneers in big bore cylinder technology. These were valuable years, learning all the critical skills in machining and assembling engines that were destined to break records at drag strips as well as the Bonneville salt flats.

Randy put all this experience in high gear when he opened Hyperformance in 1983, specializing in cylinder head restoration and racing cylinder head modifications. In the mid-80’s, Torgeson launched his first generation of cast ductile iron Big Jugs™, specifying #80-60-03 ductile iron heat treated to 90,000 psi. tensile strength, and machining all Big Jugs (including fins on street cylinders) for uniform wall thickness to minimize distortion and improve heat dissipation.

Hundreds of these cylinders are still in service on streets and drag strips all over the world. The only “fly in the ointment” so far has been the occasional appearance of pin hole porosity discovered during an overhaul (caused by bubbles created during the settling and cooling down of molten iron in the mold). The new generation of Big Jugs™ abandon the problems of casting and utilize the porosity-free attributes of pure billet ductile iron Durabar™.

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