is the 1st. ULTRA SAFE Social Networking Site for KIDS & TEENS!


Kidswirl - Facebook for Kids and Teens!

Description is the first ULTRA SAFE social networking site for KIDS, TEENS, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, TEACHERS, and PASTORS! The site has been built from the ground up using a familiar layout (similar to Facebook) which makes it easy for parents to help their kids move about the site. The number one priority of the site is KID SAFETY! As a result, we have blocked all bad language, inappropriate and suggestive phrases, and any other word usage that is requested by the parents and users. Our latest feature is the PARENT CONTROL PANEL which gives parents 100% control over what their child can see, do, participate in, and even who they can accept as their friends! This is the first site of its kind where parents can finally feel safe and allow their kids to interact with other kids online.



Additional Information

Finally a site where Kids and Teens can feel safe to interact with each other online. It is called Kidswirl and was created by an Entrepreneur and Father of Two. The creator/founder/CEO says,"My wife and I have both spent the last year or so getting in touch with long lost friends through our Facebook accounts. Over the last year our kids have continued to ask if they could have a Facebook account of their own. As we continued to tell them 'no' - I began to realize that there is an entire group of kids that have grown up watching their parents on Facebook with no ability to create an account of their own (Facebook does not allow users under the age of 13). With this as the stimulus, I set out to create a 'Facebook for Kids' that would allow kids and teens to have the same experience as their parents in a secure/protected online environment. Kidswirl was born out of a desire to create a 100% safe social networking site for Kids and Teens. Our goal is and always will be to keep kids safe and parents comfortable, while at the same time offering an ultra-creative platform where kids can interact with each other, their parents, teachers, and pastors in a fun and ever-changing environment.Kidswirl has already emerged as the Number One Social Networking Site for Kids and Teens and we are very excited about what the future holds. As we like to say - log on and swirl with us today!"

Toby Clark Founder/CEO

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