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Thanks so much to Some Jerk (not kidding, that's his web handle), I have a home for the full End of Dub Mix. Link is below, and the track list is here.

Riddim Method did a mix for Lemon Red that we posted about here. I just wanted to repost it, and say that it's now down but if you missed downloading it you can hit me up for a direct link.

There's a couple half done mixes hanging around that Ripley and I were rushing to finish before we left for Berlin, one a Hyphy-Breakcore Mashup mix and one from me, a two CD, 90 track thing that I'm working on for Trouble and Bass. Both are quality ideas but could have been executed better, so we decided to hold off on posting them. Hopefully they'll get done over the summer, in a session somewhere in Berlin. Be on the look out

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