In today’s world, there are several online marketplaces where buyers and sellers meet. But there isn’t a marketplace that would cater exclusively to the needs of both segments: showcase products with rich images and offer searches based on local areas, regions and maps for the consumer and offer a fully customizable online presence to the seller and gain him the ability to reach a wide market base.

Kharidari was born out of the need to allow store owners and retailers to have their own online presence; Kharidari gains the seller a web presence and also increases sales. Two benefits with a single, simple and effective solution!!!!

Kharidari allows users to browse products brands locally on online stores and let them decide where they would like to go shopping. We provide a convenient shopping experience for the consumer and an effective marketing tool for merchants looking to motivate local as well as online customers.

Arshad Shaikh CEO of Nakshatra Technologies emphasized that kharidari is committed to watching the emerging Internet Marketing Trends and continuing to update and recruit professionals in new areas. "The focal point of our business is to simplify the Internet Marketing process by providing a cost-effective one-stop solution for businesses, both small and large to maintain a current, competitive and cutting edge Online Marketing Platform."

At Kharidari, the product presentation is rich and organised. We gather merchant data, organize and structure it and present the resulting information to consumers in a user-friendly format.

Kharidari gives marketers the opportunity to showcase their products with rich images, allows real-time updation of features and specifications and makes a consumer ‘Smart Shopper’.

With such tremendous ease of search, the consumer is prompted to make a smart purchase. Thus Kharidari is a fruitful investment for sellers across all industry segments.

The sellers can display all the available offers and products in his store and update, modify, add, remove products anytime.

Arshad says: "At Kharidari we have always taken customer very seriously, talking and listening to our customers and taking their views on board. Over the last year we have conducted a series of informal research programmes and the results have influenced the website design and content.

Currently we are offering this as a free service in Pune for the store owners, and plan to scale up the service in Ten metro cities later on, We are hopeful that more and more stores will get listed on Kharidari and advertise their products to thousands of buyers in Pune and across the country.”

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