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Dr. Aldieri is a successful dentist and partner at Kahn, Ferrari, & Aldieri, DDS LLC. He is passionate about beautiful, healthy smiles and enhancing his patient's quality of life and self-esteem through cosmetic and implant dentistry. The procedure for placement of a CEREC restoration is very simple. The first step is to remove all decay from the tooth. The doctor will then shape the tooth in preparation to take a digital picture. The tooth is then sprayed with a very fine powder. This allows the digital camera to take an acceptable image. Once this image is captured, the tooth will appear on a computer screen in 3D. This will allow the doctor to design the restoration right in front of you. Once the design is completed, the CEREC will mill the restoration. This step takes approximately 15 minutes. You can actually watch this process if you would like. When the restoration is finished milling, the doctor will place the restoration. The entire process should take just over an hour.

Valuing personal health, Dr. Kahn is an avid golfer and has even explored yoga. He also enjoys watching college baseball, basketball and football. Dr. Kahn and his wife, Ann, have two grown children, Jason & Jeremy. Jeremy and his wife Angela blessed Dr. Kahn and his wife Ann with their first grandchild, Dexter. Dr. Kahn is named in the 2013 Pulse Magazine, as one of the top dentists on Long Island.

If we feel that you are suffering from gingivitis or more severe gum disease, we may recommend a root scaling or planing. These measures can be instrumental in preventing bone loss and helping you to keep your natural teeth.Scientific studies support the belief of experts that the most important aspect of periodontal treatment is the long term maintenance therapy. Individuals vary in their response to periodontal disease and resistance to the disease varies at different times of life. When periodontal disease recurs following treatment, it may do so without signs or symptoms to the patient.

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