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This is another in a long line of personal home pages produced since around 1994. I probably have too much time on my hands and should get out more...but what the heck?

Music has always been a primary focus. Initially it was MIDI, with my collection of files (including my own compositions) available for download and now MP3 (with many new compositions as well as some of the old MIDI ones mixed down to digital audio). Additionally I have been dabbling in digital visual art, including 3D art. Pretentious? Perhaps.

The visual art work has been categorized into Photography-based, 3D and Abstract. The photography-based work consists of original photography processed using Photoshop to resemble fine art, while the abstract section contains original photography processed in a variety of ways (again using Photoshop) in an attempt to create something novel and interesting. The 3D section consists of images created with Bryce 5.




Kenneth A Joy
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland SG19 2TD

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