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Keiichi Anime Forever, or commonly referred to by members as KAF, is a primarily English-language anime fan site and online community with over thirty thousand members and one million contributions. The website was started in March 20 of 2004 by a group of four individuals, with the owner being online user sk89q, and was originally intended as a spinoff of but has since then become fully independent.

This website has been unique in the world of anime fan sites in that it has provided information and tools only known to the website such as the NARUTO logo generator (NaruTxtGen) and the Bleach logo generator (BleachTxtGen), and has also been the source for the original unofficial NARUTO font. Additionally, Keiichi Anime Forever was also the first (as speculated, as there were no other sites of the same nature found at the same time) user of to supplement the textual anime material of the website, and opened the doors for enjoying Anime content for the less capable and inopportune members of the world community. This feature, such a success, created a number of copy-cat websites, with many of them purporting direct copies of Keiichi Anime Forever as their own.

The website itself hosts a very interesting community, and itself has generated, although mostly only within its own group, its own memes, culture, and symbols. Examples have included a networking-oriented baking game, audio avatars, member pairing generators, and a plethora of other items. To record and track this culture, the administrators of the website have started their own KAF Encyclopedia, although much in its infancy towards completion.



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