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Keane Homes, Inc.
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The Buildings that bear the Keane family name represent dedication to excellence and value. The Keane family develops, builds and manages our properties creating a one stop shopping environment for our tenants.

Our buildings are located in the Astoria, Long Island City, Rego Park, Forest Hills and Kew Gardens sections of Queens, New York City. All of our apartments are 30 minutes or less to Midtown Manhattan by public transportation and are close by to local shopping and entertainment centers.

Keane Homes has a unique selection of Apartments ranging from studios with Alcoves, 1 & 2 bedrooms, with duplex and 3 bedrooms. Many have terraces and some even a private garden. Our apartments are in safe neighborhoods and are maintained to the highest standards by our trained and courteous staff.

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  • ChrisRent (frustrated) : I was living there(66-23 Austin St.) for 1 year. The apartment was nice but a little bit overpriced. I paid my rent always on time, plus the 1 month deposit before I moved in. When I was about to move out, I said them that I want to live the last month on my deposit. I was told that I can not do that. I found the cause after that I moved out. Several times I called the office for my deposit. First they said they send it on the next business day. After a week they did not know where the check was. After 3 weeks they said the "lady" who is in charge of the office was on vacation. Finally, I was told that they sent out the check. Once I received the check I was it was minus $200 which was subtracted for "cleaning". I was frustrated by this as I had cleaned the windows the floor the kitchen and the bathroom. It was not spotless but it was mosy definately clean. They treat you badly over the phone and are very frustrating to deal with. Think twice before you rent from them. Good luck, Chris.
I also have been disapointed with Keane Homes. It started before we moved in. We were told that we would receive an additional air conditionor for the bedroom--but it was not there when we moved in. Luckily we had that put into the lease. The owner fought us on this point for week before he acquesed and gave us an air conditioner--one shouldn't have to fight their landlord for small items such as that. In the two years we have been there, there have been no improvements to the property and the materials used in the various rooms are the cheapest (such as fernica). Many tenants take advantage of the lack of a super on the premises and have more people living there than are on the lease. I would also think twice before renting with them. 11:29, 20 July 2008 (PDT)

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