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Kasbah Ennasra is a Hotel in Morocco located in the gates of Sahara Desert in southeast Morocco: Hotel, Swimming Pool, Bivouac, Tours and Excursions

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Kasbah Ennasra is a quality hotel in Morocco located in the southeast region of the country. Where comfort and conventional architecture are a concern, we shaped a nice hotel with soft atmosphere for you to stay while in the province.

Kasbah Ennasra offers superb and fully equipped accommodations. The hotel comprises 34 places divided into 15 rooms, where you can chose from two different categories: Suites and standard rooms (either double or triple rooms).

All rooms are equipped with air conditioner and heather, in-suite toilet and common hotel amenities. Also, each room has a private little patio where you can relax and profit from a nice time with yourself.

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