Kaowao.org is a newspaper supporting the Burmese MON political party.


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Kao Wao Newsgroup is committed to social justice, peace, and democracy in Burma. We hope to be able to provide more of an in-depth analysis that will help to promote lasting peace and change within Burma.

If you are an organization or individual who is committed to the same principles as Kao-Wao, please use this Newsletter as a tool to disseminate your views, articles, and issues pertaining to social justice and political, social and cultural freedom. We are open to all but please ensure to source your material either through email contacts or website. To ensure that it is widely read, you can use this email: kaowao@hotmail.com to tell others about this newsletter, and to let them know about your work, events, and public debate.

If you wish to stop receiving this newsletter send a message from the address you want to remove to us. Please contact editor should you need further assistance.


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