JanRain.com provides RPX for easy logins and social publishing.

JanRain: Rainmaker for websites

janrain logo aboutus.jpg JanRain Inc. is the creator of RPX, a technology that enables website owners to provide easy registration and login on their sites. The same technology makes it easy for people to publish website activity to many different social networks.

JanRain: Helping organizations succeed through advanced authentication


MyOpenID is the first and largest independent website providing OpenID accounts. JanRain's myOpenID.com provides free OpenID accounts that allow users to login at many different websites, always using the same identity and password. That eliminates the need to create, record and remember multiple identities and passwords on dozens -- or hundreds! -- of websites.

JanRain can also help companies enable their OpenID business by issuing OpenIDs to employees, customers and partners.


RPX enables website owners to authenticate users of their sites with existing identities and logins that users already have on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpace, AOL, Windows Live/MSN/Hotmail or any other OpenID provider.

RPX also enables users to publish their activities on a website to multiple social networks, enhancing visibility of that website across the social web.


OPX allows companies to provide a branded OpenID to their customers. Operated on the software-as-a-service model, OPX removes the hassles of providing a branded identity to customers, users, employees and affinity group members.


JanRain Inc.


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JanRain: Leader in OpenID technology

JanRain, in collaboration with other members of the OpenID Foundation, has developed a single sign-on identity standard called OpenID which is now supported by Yahoo, Google, AOL, Microsoft, Verisign, France Telecom and many others. More than 9,000 websites use OpenID, and more than 380 million OpenID user accounts have been registered. The majority of OpenID enabled websites were developed using JanRain's libraries and tools.

Claims website Jyte acquired by AboutUs


JanRain launched Jyte.com in 2007. The site allows users to make claims and vote on claims made by others. AboutUs Inc., also a Portland-based company, acquired Jyte in January 2010.

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