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James-Nsien2.com is a website for Internet “newbies” and others who are interested in making money on the Internet, and developing an online presence. The site offers interesting articles and stories, alongside pertinent websites, to guide readers on successful paths toward Internet marketing and real estate investment.

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The Internet is filled with opportunities for smart, energetic, and self-directed people to earn income. Testimonials abound on how to “get rich quick” or make lots of extra money at home with little or no work. Although it is possible to be successful, in most instances it is not as easy as it appears.

James Nsien has researched many of these sites and shares practical steps about Internet marketing services. His site posts advice on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of Internet opt-in lists, and clarifies some of its misconceptions. He lists three easy steps to profitability, including establishing customer, product and service trust; finding the right product or service; and networking with other opt-in users. James-Nsien2.com also includes links to other helpful sites with information on affiliate marketing and ideas on increasing Internet traffic.

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NCN Real Estate Investments

A couple of years ago, James Nsien attended a popular motivational speakers event that included the topic of real estate investment. At the time he had some limited knowledge about buying and selling property but no real experience. He decided to take some courses, but soon learned that an entire series cost over $130,000! Like many people, this investment in both time and money was unfeasible. He enrolled in a few select courses and followed up with hands-on experience in real estate auctions within Detroit. The stories he shares and lessons he learned provide valuable insights for anyone interested in supplementing their income with real estate earnings. James-Nsien2.com also links to other related real estate sites with interesting articles, directories, and resources.
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Anyone who's tried to make money online will tell you that it takes a little bit of work to find good advice. After researching this on his own, James Nsien now shares his findings and resources with others.

Here are a few of the articles and sites that James Nsien has found useful for making money online:

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As a successful Chemical Engineer, James Nsien has always been curious about the intricacies and limitless potential of the Internet. In recent years, he started looking for ways to supplement his income and secure his future with small investments. He was surprised to discover the income potential that the Internet offers and wanted to learn more. He soon moved forward on this search after attending a transformational workshop from Millionaire Minds Intensive. James found himself taking steps beyond his comfort zone and began to achieve his financial goals. James-Nsien2.com shares this research and experience with others who are interested in finding similar success.

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