is a dating site for people looking to date another race.

Interracial Dating Central Header 1.jpg is a dating site for singles of all races, seriously looking for an interracial relationship or interracial marriage. Unlike other dating sites, is only for singles interested in inter-racial dating. With thousands of members with profiles, this site can greatly enhance your chances of meeting men and women from Latino, Black, White and Asian origins. is a thriving community of people who have come together from all parts of the world like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia in order to date and to have fun. The website offers features like searching by ethnicity, location, activity; PM's, instant messages, and group chat etc.

How it Works? is designed to be a powerful tool in order to find the person of your dreams. At the same time it is also very easy to use. It's as simple as creating an account and editing your profile and instantly you are able to meet people who share your interests and views. Begin looking through profiles now and contact those who interest you. The custom search option is also a great way to ensure that the results you obtain are desirable.


How did it begin?

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Robert Thompson, co-founder of the website, discusses the reasons behind starting, "It was just over 7 years ago when I first looked into internet dating as a possible solution to finding my special someone. I had always been attracted to women outside of my own race and thought the internet would allow me greater access to a variety of ladies from different cultures and ethnicities." It didn't work though, because most of the people on those websites were not up for an inter-racial relationships. He was slammed or ignored by them, all the time getting comments like "step off white boy"! This made Robert realize that although there were many members on other websites, they simply had different preferences and attitudes than him. It inspired him to create a place where he could "take the shock value out" of interracial dating, a place where everybody knew that he wasn't any different than those around him.

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The website quickly became a huge success, with more and more people finding their special someone. Robert considers himself one of the happiest members, he found Kisha, "the love of my life on this site." Kisha joined first week it launched, and around two years later they found each other here. They are happily married and planning to have children soon. "As this site continues to grow tremendously," says Robert, "there is still NOTHING as heart warming and encouraging to me as receiving a passionate email from a member telling us that they've found what they were looking for due to our site's help...because I know how it feels myself!"

Free Chat Service at offers the ability to chat with other members on the site. This real time chat facilitates the ability to communicate with other people who are looking for interracial dating. You can create your own private room with the ability to let in only the members you want and kick out those you do not want. For chat center guidelines and terms of use, click here.


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I have found a wonderful man thanks to this wonderful site. We are very much in love and getting married. God bless you. I am so happy that i'm walking on air.

Gail, Age 59, North Carolina

I have met a really wonderful man from this site. Yourlove30 and I have a lot in common, and he's a super intelligent, sweet, caring man with a great smile that penetrates my heart deeper and deeper each time I see it. I'm taking my profile down completely to pursue this Mr. Right... Thank you for your part in bringing us together via the web. Good luck to all!

Monica, Age 29, Nevada




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