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Like many who have spent decades on professional career tracks, the Martons had a vision of doing something more meaningful and rewarding. As world travelers and entrepreneurs, they were drawn to this opportunity to serve and connect with people on a global scale. They purchased International Translation from its founder in 1990. Each year since then, due to their dedication and quality service, the business has grown.

In addition to a large client list in the translation agency side of the business, the interpretation department provides interpreters for trials, depositions, arbitration, medical exams, insurance investigations, workers' compensation cases, school evaluations, hearings, business meetings and presentations.

We live in an age of big-box self service warehouse stores, automated attendants or outsourced entry-level staff answering phones at large companies. The "information age" is amazing - allowing us many opportunities to "do it yourself". On the downside, acquiring and maintaining the necessary hardware, software and the required skills further burdens the time-challenged user with more to do.

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