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The company was founded in 1987 in Toronto, Canada, under the name A.J. CADD Consulting, by civil engineer and programmer Alex Januszkiewicz. It provided AutoCAD customization and training services to local engineering companies. In 1992 the company name was changed to IntelCAD Systems and the focus shifted to the development of commercial software for AutoCAD. Since 1994 the main effort was directed into the development of IntelCAD-RC, the professional concrete reinforcement detailing system.

In 1997 the company moved to Calgary. In 1998 we started development of standalone tools for massive processing of AutoCAD DWG and DXF files. Some of these programs (xRepath, AttExt) became an instant hit when they reached the market in the year 2000. Another specialty we mastered since 1998 is the direct processing of DWF files. Our DWF to DWG converter is the only program in the world that can read a DWF file and properly convert it into an AutoCAD drawing.

Having an in-depth knowledge of AutoCAD and of the DWG format, we have always provided our customers with the extra service of recovering corrupted drawings. In 1999 we started offering this service to the public on the Internet as 911 DWG Recovery Services. This service was absolutely unique in the world wide scale, and there was no other company that could match our performance - a 95% success rate in repairing drawings that could not be recovered by using AutoCAD based methods. Today we have thousands of satisfied customers in all parts of the world. Unfortunately, we have lost our leading programmer and expert in this field and currently we no longer have this service available to our customers.

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Intelcad Systems
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