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Instant Criminal has affiliations with criminal background researchers, individual states, large-scale public records data warehousing companies, criminal background providers and independent agencies maintaining large repositories of criminal and other public information.

In recent history, criminal data began to be stored electronically in some US states in an organized retrievable way. Since that time, the trend of storing criminal records electronically has been increasing at an increasing rate. Today, over 43 US states offer some electronic access to their criminal records.

There have also been many independent companies compiling their own databases of criminal records from these same states. They also access and store information directly from county courthouses, circuit courts, sheriff's offices, DA offices and other organizations that store and update criminal related information. Many statewide searches offered today come back with inaccurate results for a number of reasons. For instance, some reasons that explain this are that some of the lower courts and specific counties sometimes do not upload certain records to the state, information was entered incorrectly or simply the data became corrupted. In knowledge of the imperfections that lie inside the criminal background retrieval industry, is focused on finding and using the best criminal data retrieval systems in the United States , so that we can continually provide our customers with the most accurate and detailed criminal background reports available.

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