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About InstallSite is a collection of tips, technical articles, sample code, tools, discussion forums, and the like for developers creating setups with Microsoft's Windows Installer (MSI) technology or InstallShield products. It also has information for System Administrators and IT Professionals repackaging and deploying MSI packages. InstallSite maintains a list of MSI authoring tools (including commercial tools, freeware and open source) and a list of books about Windows Installer and other setup related topics. There is also an online shop where you can buy sofftware, training, and other services.

Most of the content on this site may be used free of charge, but there is also some shareware and links to commercial products that are of interest for a setup developer. Please be sure to read the legal information to find out all the details. By using this site you agree to the License Agreement.

InstallSite is not an official web site of InstallShield, a Macrovision Company. The official web site can be found at

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