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Direct Access began developing InstaQuote in 1995 as a tool to execute sophisticated trading strategies, with an emphasis on fast access to quotes, detailed charting capabilities, and the flexibility to trade any security on any exchange. The original architecture and design of InstaQuote, as an open platform provided much of the foundation that has allowed InstaQuote to be one of the most reliable, scaleable, sophisticated platforms available.

Over the following 5 years, the platform was refined to meet the needs of its initial customer base of active equities and options traders. The original programmers held equity and commodities licenses, and had professional trading backgrounds. These key designers, as well as others who joined in 1999 and 2000, all remain with Direct Access to this day. We firmly believe that the trading experience and continuity of our developers is one of the keys to the success of InstaQuote in the trading community.

Launched in the marketplace in 2000, InstaQuote grew in popularity and use by word-of-mouth, with no advertising or dedicated sales effort. It was the belief of management that the product should be properly tested “under fire” and prove its superiority with clients without marketing or fanfare.

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