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The Meningitis Trust is an international charity with a strong community focus. Established in 1986, it was formed as a direct response to a major outbreak of meningitis in the Stroud/Stonehouse area of Gloucestershire, UK in the mid 1980's.

From its earliest days the Trust stimulated significant interest in its work from people all over the UK who had experienced the disease and who, in many cases, had lost loved ones. This support has gradually been galvanised by the formation of many Community Help Groups which now extend nationwide.

In 2001, the UK Trust was keen to use what it had learnt to help people in other countries and the Trust expanded into Australia (where is now operates a 24 hour freecall helpline service only), New Zealand and Republic of Ireland, as well as assisting organisations in other countries (such as Brazil and Portugal) to fight the disease locally.

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