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Imagine no longer opening multiple pages, navigating through numerous search engines and reviewing various information sources. The exponential expansion of the Internet has led to a tremendous need for tools and technologies that help locate the information we want quickly and easily. What an advantage to be able to save and track all this essential information once it's found.

At, you can do all of this and more. By combining everything about the Web that makes it great - search engines, encyclopedias, blogs, and more - we offer you the convenience of searching multiple information sources without opening more than one page. Keep your loyalty to your favorite search engine. Just don't limit yourself. Expand the possibilities by entering a search term or keyword at, click on a tab, get a result... it's that easy.

Owned by: is a privately-held, growing, profitable online advertising company that provides advertisers with results-driven access to online inventory and publishers with a way to monetize web, search and e-mail traffic. In addition to these advertising business units, has a Consumer Brands business unit which owns and develops several marquee consumer web properties, and, and has grown to a team of almost 60 people in less than four years. Founded in 2000 and based in Los Angeles, the Company has flourished without outside funding. All growth has been organic, much of which occurred during the Internet advertising slowdown from 2000 to 2002. During the past four years, has been profitable and its revenues have increased more than 5000%.

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