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Custom ecommerce web site design with clean front page, no clutter "asks for the order", with Subtle embedded flash to add both content and interest.

When you think of web site designers, what sort of image comes into your head? Do you think of young, funky hipsters, rolling around the office on scooters and playing basketball in the loading dock? Do you think of BMW-driving techno-gurus in neon-lit offices?

Well, that's why we at InfoCreek do things a little bit differently than our competitors. We don't have flashy office complexes or huge fleets of company cars or lunch hour video game tournaments. We don't wear expensive suits, we don't have purple hair, and we don't think of the website design industry as a game. This is a business, and the only people that should be having the time of their life in the web design industry are the clients, as they make money from what we create.

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