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Description aims to be the most comprehensive source on the Internet for consumers and businesses searching for credit cards and credit card information, currently listing over 900 available credit card offers, hundreds of credit card news items and credit/financial tips, and credit card calculators.

All legitimate credit card offers are eligible for listing on this site. If you are a credit card issuer and your card or cards are not listed, please contact Justin McHenry at with the name of your financial institution and where information can be found online. All cards on this site must have some form of online representation to be listed, and will only be put into category-specific areas if relevant fees, terms and conditions are available online as well. does partner with certain financial institutions and receives financial compensation when site visitors sign up for particular credit cards. However, these relationships do not affect our objective listing of credit cards in each category. In every category where an objective measure can be used to compare credit cards -- e.g., credit card interest rates -- cards are listed based on the best available deals in that category for that criteria. And the criteria used are clearly spelled out in each category.

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