Inscent, Inc. is a technology development, gene discovery, and functional genomics company that identified novel molecules to control insect pests. Key areas of interest include the prevention of disease transmission to humans and the development of environmentally friendly products for public health, agricultural, domestic, and industrial applications. [[Category:Organic Pesticide Insecticide Dursban Toxic Green Biotechnology Wineries Grape

Glassy Winged Sharpshooter Agriculture Termites Ants Argentine Ants Killer Bees Enviroment Epa Organophosphates
Inscent Inc. Insect Integrated Pest Management Gene Discovery Inscent Company Ipm Fqpa Food Quality Protection Act Pheromone Mosquito Malaria Yellow Fever Dengue Fever Encephalitis West Nile Virus Disease Transmission Vector Control Natural Product Citrus Conservation Ddt Spinosad]]

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